Agricultural Contracting

The company offers a comprehensive provision of services and products to cover  difficult machinery tasks in the farming year-round cycle: Ploughing, Reseeding, Power Harrowing, Limespreading, Muckspreading, Topping and Gorse cutting on slopes.

Agricultural Contracting
  • Accredited laboratory soil and forage analysis, including recommendations and advice for liming, mineral and trace element requirements.
  • Product supply, delivery and spreading service with a prompt service using our own HGV tippers, 4WD tractors and land drive spreaders.
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Agricultural ground limestone calcium and/or magnesium rich, sourced from quarries at Oswestry, Kington and Torcoed to help mediate pH levels

Agricultural Slag- rich in lime, minerals and trace elements with plant available calcium, and cation exchange  properties to help mobilise locked up minerals.

Fibrophos, concentrated PK fertilisers with an extensive range of trace elements (grades available 0-24-06   0-12-2    0-9-18) also 0-30-0 and 0-19-19 P- Grow.

Diatomaceous Earth soil amendment

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