The Güttler Green Master

The Guttler Greenmaster is a modular system ideal for re-seeding, over-seeding and complete management of grassland and pastures all year round.

The machine comprises of –

1) A Harroflex unit – a single ripper board, adjustable for both rake and depth followed by 2 rows of 12mm sprung tines, adjustable for rake. These 3 rows together prepare the sward, rip out dead thatch and open up the soil in preparation for the new seeds – very important to allow the light and air to the new seed bed.

2) A seeder unit with interchangeable seed rolls which allows this machine to be used for different varieties of seeds and crops. Efficiently  sowing whole crop, turnip, swedes, straight barely, oats etc, as well as grass seeds. The system can be calibrated to accurately deliver each seed type straight onto the furrows or in the case of grass can be applied to burnt off old pasture

3) A Guttler self-cleaning roller- THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE MACHINE. The roller rings have a unique prism shape. The points of the rings ensure that the seed is incorporated into the prepared sward and gives the maximum seed to soil contact possible for the best possible results.

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"Swedes going on – weaned ewes grazing off covers 10 days after spraying before Rob Edwards gets in with the Greenmaster Drill; great piece of kit! We’ve also drilled 30 acres of swedes with one pass on to furrows… Saving time and diesel"

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